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Hair is an integral part of our image and identity. Life without a full head of hair isn’t pretty, unless that is a look that you’ve chosen and are comfortable with.

Accepting hair loss is a personal decision. You can decide not to accept it and do something about it, or just let it happen and be satisfied with your lot in life.

Long before you reach the condition of complete baldness, you will notice the tell-tale signs of impending doom. These signs include:

• Discovery that bald spot has grown larger or balder;

• Loose hairs found on pillow, in combs or brushes, or in the shower drain;

• Concern expressed by barber or hair stylist;

• Comparison of older photos to the image in the mirror shows significant hair differences;

• Comments from people who haven’t seen you in awhile.

Are you losing your hair, or thinning in spots, and are you ready to take action to stop the inevitable? Just remember, looking for miracle cures is a waste of time and money.

Both men and women are looking for ways to promote hair growth and there is one chemical that gets it done: minoxidil, available in a generic formulation and in the Rogaine products.


Can you buy something other than minoxidil that will cause hair to grow? Not really. Many ineffective products may cause your head to tingle, but only minoxidil has been clinically proven to grow hair. So you can stop searching for miracles: there is a product that works. (Sometime and for some people.)

Many people wonder if generic minoxidil is different than Rogaine-brand products that also contain minoxidil. The answer is that Rogaine contains other proprietary products, which do not promote hair growth. Rogaine also is available as a foam, which does make application more convenient and helps keep the product on the scalp. However, generic minoxidil works fine and is much less expensive.


You can buy Rogaine and generic minoxidil from many places but onlyMinoxidil Shop.com offers you the best combination of:

• Product availability

• Low prices and high value

• Convenient shopping and payment methods

• Complete privacy during ordering and delivery

Minoxidil Shop.com is one of the fine stores provided by PriveCo, the World’s Most Private Company. Click on any of the photos or text links found on this page and you will open a new page that provides more information and ordering methods. In just a few days you will be using your new supply of Rogaine without setting foot in a drugstore.

International shipping of Rogaine is no problem. Approximately 75 countries are on Priveco’s ship-to list. The only issue is that the Rogaine and generic minoxidil must be for personal use, so orders are limited to a 12 month supply.

Here at Rogaine Shop.com, we would like to highlight just a few of the many Rogaine-brand and generic minoxidil preparations available onMinoxidil Shop.com


Generic Minoxidil 5% Six Pack

Each Generic Minoxidil 5% six pack contains six 60 mL bottles of 5% minoxidil solution. Each bottle lasts about 25-30 days, almost a six month supply. A child-resistant dropper applicator is included with each pack.

Rogaine Extra Strength Foam for Men

A Rogaine Extra Strength Foam (5%) for Men Club Pack of 4 contains four 60 g bottles, almost a four-month supply. An educational booklet is included.

Spectral DNC Nano-Particle Minoxidil Solution

Those who are really intent on overspending, should be sure to plop down more money than necessary for the Spectral DNC nano-particle minoxidil solution. Or get Spectral DNC-L for advanced stages of baldness. The theory behind these products is that nano-sized particles allow the minoxidil to enter the scalp more quickly and effectively, promoting hair growth. Does it work? There’s one sure way to find out!


Will Rogaine produce new hairs the same length as those already on my head?

Yes. The new hairs will appear overnight and be indistinguishable from the ones already there. This makes them hard to spot so you must simply believe that this has happened.

Are blonde women prettier than those with other hair colors?

No, hair color is strictly a matter of personal preference. However, since most people prefer blondes, they are considered prettier. So, yes.

Some people claim that bald men are sexier. Is this true?

Yes. A completely bald head is an irresistible turn-on. However, balding men who retain a few patches of hair are sad, pitiful creatures. Naturally, they are shunned by society.

Does hair continue to grow after you die?

No, this is a myth. But post-mortem hair does become frizzy and unruly, so use plenty of product just before internment.

Will your hair turn white if you see a g-g-g-ghost?

Yes, if you are s-s-s-sixty.

Has there been much progress lately on groin-to-scalp hair transplants?

Not since the shave your pubes movement became popular, and the short and curly trend went out of style.

Why aren’t I rich like that famous, handsome actor? We both have great hair.

His hair has an agent. Your hair has a brother in law.

Should you add a club when shooting for an elevated green, or just use the usual iron for that distance?

Wash, rinse, repeat. But not forever.

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